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Acquisition : SK
Asian Fl.1
Audio CD Fl.4
Board Game
Book - Chinese Fl.3
Book - English Fl.3
Book - Japan Fl.3
Book - Korean Fl.3
Book - Malay Fl.3
Book - Thai Fl.3
Curriculum Fl.3
DVD - English Fl.4
DVD - Thai Fl.4
Diskette Fl.4
English Learning ชั้น 4
Fiction - English Fl.5
Fiction - Japanese Fl.5
Fiction - Malay Fl.5
Fiction - Thai Fl.5
Gov. Pub - Thai Fl.2
In Cataloging : SK
Juvenile - Chinese Fl.5
Juvenile - English Fl.5
Juvenile - Thai Fl.5
Library of Things
Old Book - Eng Fl.5
Old Book - Thai Fl.5
Periodical - English - Bound Fl.2
Periodical - English Fl.2
Periodical - Thai - Bound Fl.2
Periodical - Thai Fl.2
Rare book Fl.4
Reference - Chinese Fl.2
Reference - Eng Old Fl.5
Reference - English Fl.2
Reference - Thai Fl.2
Reference - Thai Old Fl.5
Research Thai
SET Fl.2
Short story - English Fl.5
Short story - Malay Fl.5
Short story - Thai Fl.5
Southern Publication - English Fl.4
Southern Publication - Thai Fl.4
Tape cassette - Thai Fl.4
Thesis -English Fl.5
Thesis -Thai Fl.5
Vertical file - English Fl.2
Vertical file - Thai Fl.2
Video CD - English Fl.4
Video CD - Thai Fl.4
Video cassette - Thai Fl.4
e-book ENG
e-book TH
term paper Fl.5

Acquisition : PLG
Asian Fl.3
Audio CD Fl.2
Board Game
Book - Thai Fl.4
Book – English Fl.3
Book – Thai Fl.3
DVD – English Fl.2
DVD – Thai Fl.2
Diskette Fl.2
English Learning PT ชั้น 3
Fiction – English Fl.2
Fiction – Thai Fl.2
Government Publication – English Fl.2
Government Publication – Thai Fl.2
In Cataloging : PLG
Juvenile – English Fl.2
Juvenile – Thai Fl.2
Library of Things
Minor thesis thai Fl.3
Old Book - Thai Fl.3 PLG
Old Book-English Fl.3 PLG
Periodical Chinese
Periodical – English Fl.1
Periodical – English – Bound Fl.3
Periodical – Thai Fl.1
Periodical – Thai – Bound Fl.3
Periodical-Thai-Bound Fl.4
Project PLG Fl.2
Reference – English Fl.3
Reference – Thai Fl.3
Research – English Fl.2
Research – Thai Fl2
Short Story – Thai Fl.2
Tape Cassette – Thai Fl.2
Term Paper Fl.3
Thesis – English Fl.4
Thesis – Thai Fl.4
Verticle file – Thai Fl.1
Video CD – English Fl.2
Video CD – Thai Fl.2
Video cassette – Thai Fl.2
e-book ENG
e-book TH
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